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Form A - Väskor

FormA designs leather bags and accessories in small series. Our work centers on clean, organic shapes for a moble, urban lifestyle. Every item is hand made from reused leather by highly skilled Swedish craftswomen .

In our webshop you will find bags for both men and women, but our focus is on offering ”an alternative for men to carry their valuables”. This is the Pocket.

If you see something you like, don't hesitate to contact FormA!


A Pocket fits tight (if you want it to), gives you freedom of movement (for example when you are biking), is handy for the small (but still so necessary) stuff that you want to bring. A mobile phone, a wallet, keys, smaller umbrella and maybe a paperback? No bling bling, no dangle and no getting in the way- just practical!

Get your routines and look fixed with a Pocket!


Would you like to order a case? Visit the webshop!

Välkommen att besöka FormAs webshop.


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FormA is Annika Linder, with a background as a product developer (Technical University of Chalmers) and living in Gothenburg.

With a mother and grandmother in the textile industry, the Sewing machine has always been close by
With knowledge of the design process and the interest of how a product can reflect the societial norms, a vision of what a ”handbag” for men could look like was brought to life in the summer of 2010. Men need a bag too, they just have different requirements and the offer today is limited.

This became the start of FormA and the product Pocket in the winter of 2011. The products are all hand made and, because of the importance of sustainability, from as much reused material as possible. Design and production is taken place at a studio collective in central Gothenburg Ateljé Prickskyttestigen and sales/distribution is through our homepage and a few selected stores in Gothenburg.


+46 705 87 11 46

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